Desde el año 2009 Inter Europa junto al Servicio Riojano de Empleo y el Instituto Riojano de la Juventud, ofrece la oportunidad cada año a 40 jóvenes riojanos de realizar unas prácticas profesionales en diversos países europeos. Son ya 120 jóvenes los que han participado.


Servicio de acogida / Hosting service

1.- Language course: the language course is given by a professional Spanish teacher.  It adjusts to the linguistic skills of each participant as well as to their individual needs. The courses are carried out in small groups of 2 or 5 participants.

2.- Cultural programme: The social cultural programme is an important tool to develop the trainee’s integration in the Spanish society. We organize diverse cultural visits in the region of La Rioja, in order to offer to the participants a general view of the cultural and social context.  We also offer a short practical workshop about the Spanish gastronomy.

3.- Tutoring and evaluation: There are several evaluations meetings to assure that we are always in touch with the trainee, his needs and opinion. The main objective of these evaluations is to help the trainees to deal with any difficulties and support them. These meeting are carried out individually. We have developed special questionnaires in order to evaluate the experience of each participant and to analyze the outcomes and the impact of the placement. This evaluation will be send to the sending organization at the end of the training. There is also the tutor of the work placement organization, and Inter Europa is always in touch with him / her.

Our organization works and supports each participant individually. We have lots of experience in working with young people with fewer opportunities, low educative levels and without any travel experience. That is why we can offer individualized tutoring adjusted methodologically to each participant.

4.- Accommodation and board: Inter Europa offers accommodation in a furnished flat fitted with all necessary appliances as washing machines, microwave, etc. The participants don’t need to bring sheets or blankets. The flat is in the town centre and there are single and double rooms. We always try to ensure a single room for each participant, but it is not always possible.  

5.- Local transports: Generally the trainees live close to their work placements so that they go on foot to the companies.

6.- Administration and certificates: Inter Europa will take care of the red tape for the implementation and evaluation of the project: contact with the companies, certificates of attendance, the Europass certificate, etc.